How to use automations to cross sell to your current customers – Nurturing follow up
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First stage emails are sent periodically with generic non branded information about the product

In this first level of emails, we are going to have content sent periodically. This template is configured to send one email every 45 days over a period of 9 months, so we will be sending  6 emails in total. Nevertheless, you can alter the time period by sending more or fewer emails throughout the year since it will depend on your needs.

As you can see each content starts with the name of the person we are addressing to. Here we can see the tag used that will extract the data from your contact list.

The button has a clear call to action. It will lead the customer to a web page where you further develop the information. 

In this section you can include the information for contacting the executive that is assigned to the account for this particular person. 

It also includes a call to action for the prospective customer to be able to tell when they want to be contacted.

And three options for feedback for like, don’t send me more information and call me now. 

You can also add a link to an online quote tool or portfolio simulator.

A mechanism is added to create an interest score each time a recipient clicks on one of the links, opens the email or makes a quote.

The way to contact an assigned sales executive is also added.

An email with “close the deal” information is sent when the recipient reaches a certain score heat.

The sales executive is contacted and the qualified prospect’s information is sent to him for follow-up sales.