How to use automations to cross sell to your current customers – Nurturing follow up

About Course

Cross-selling is the fastest and most profitable path to incremental revenue growth. Although the concept of cross-selling is quite simple, these automations innovate in the way of how to follow up and who to follow up, since it allows to use segments that are traditionally less attractive to marketing departments, but that on a large scale, at scale of massive automation, they become very profitable at very low cost.


The basic idea of ​​this automation is very simple. You’ll send out regular educational communications with generic, not branded, information related to your product category, whether is investment products, another kind of insurance or any of your product they haven’t acquired yet. You will be automatically sending educational emails for an entire year so prospects can self-nurture, eliminate friction, and move to a ready-to-buy stage.

Then, when your customers are ready to buy the new product, your institution will be at the top of their minds. But more than that, with these automations you have a tool to identify that right moment for conversion.


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What Will I Learn?

  • Cross sells products for your customers that have other products
  • Long term Lead Nurturing and follow up communications to keep your brand top of mind
  • Sends periodical educational content about the product
  • Monitors customer's interest in content
  • Automatically send a email and /or SMS to the executive when the lead is ready to buy
  • Sends the lead the contact information of their assigned account executive

Topics for this course

3 Lessons2m 53s

Material Includes

  • Video explainer


Target Audience

  • Marketing Departments
  • Sales department
  • Innovation and Transformations divisions
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