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Invoicing with precision payment follow up
How to increase collections rate up to 16% – Collections automation for banking and insurance companies
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The communication flow for automated collection

This is where in DANAconnect you can edit the communication flow. It is very easy to do once you have visualized all the steps you have to add, as we did before with the previous graphic. We are going to emulate that graphic here. 

The first thing we did was put a filter that only lets start the automation flow if the invoicing date is supposed to be today.

Then we send an email with the actual invoice. This is the email body. The invoice is sent as an attachment… and we add also a clear call to action to pay.

Then, we verify if the email bounced to continue to send the invoice via SMS.

In that case we send the text message with a notification that the email failed and the invoice attached.

This is great because you would only send the SMS if the email fails, taking into account that text messages are more costly than emailing.

Then, we wait until the due date is soon and we send a reminder… 

The reminder also could have a big call to action to pay.

 As we did before, we send a text message with the reminder in the case the email failed.

We added a timer to wait until the due date 

Then, with a simple URL and with the ID number of the customer we check in your system if the customer has already paid.

If the customer paid, we send a thank you message.

If they haven’t paid already we remind them again to pay with a big button and again the sms in case of bounced email

Then a few days later we check again in your systems if the customer already paid … if the field “invoiced paid” does not contain yes… we start what we call the delinquency sequence.

In this case we make an automated call that can have personalized content like the amount of the debt or other important information. 

We tell them that after the call they will receive a text message with the button to pay.

This is of course 100% configurable to your own needs, but the important thing I want to remind you here is that in collections, the key to success is to insist and follow up, and this is the automatic, most efficient way to do it to get that 16% increase in payments.