How to increase collections rate up to 16% – Collections automation for banking and insurance companies

About Course

We show you some of the things you can easily improve in automations in collections to increase the collections rate up to 16%.


The delivery of invoices, account statements, payment monitoring and the promotion of scheduled debits can be optimized with automated flows that simultaneously use multiple communication channels to improve efficiency, effectiveness, reduce costs of collection and optimize your A/R Management.

We can show you now some of the things you can easily improve with automations in collections:

  • Invoicing with precision payment follow up to increase collections up to 16%
  • Scaling to the most cost effective channel
  • Smart retries to deal with pending payments and delinquent customers
  • Identifying the most effective channel for each customer


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What Will I Learn?

  • Improve deliverability of invoices
  • Send through the less costly channel
  • Make smart retries for invoicing in the case the email bounces

Topics for this course

2 Lessons5m 25s

Invoicing with precision payment follow up?


Material Includes

  • Video explainer
  • Video demo


Target Audience

  • Collections department
  • Invoicing department
  • Operational personal
  • Digital Transformation and Innovation department
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