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Automating the customer onboarding and capturing missing documents for their dossier
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Sending a welcome kit and capturing missing documents and data for customer onboarding and activation

Sending all the information a customer needs upfront helps the users make the appropriate decisions on their own, like enabling their account by themselves and introducing more documents or specific data required to continue with the process.

In this example, an email is sent to the customer with a welcome kit. It includes the documents and information needed to activate the account, support links, contact information, and everything the user would need to know at first.

In addition, a follow-up link is included where the user can access a form to attach more personal information or documents if needed.

Through web forms, users are allowed to complete their dossier by uploading personal documents with the possibility of registering an electronic signature for sworn statements. In this case, the customer has to accept and sign a service agreement.

The signed documents are stored in a centralized repository or sent to wherever the organization is needed. In our example, we are sending the file to the executive, attached in an email. We include in that email an external link to information about this process, in case the executive doesn’t know how to proceed.

Your systems are checked at every touchpoint to verify if the user actually completed the necessary steps. Otherwise, a reminder of the missing data is sent to the customer.

You can design in your flow what is the maximum amount of time you can wait until this case has to be scaled to a human if the document is still missing from the new client’s personal dossier. As a result, we are sending an email to an executive if the dossier has not been completed after a certain amount of time.

Since our automation is 100%configurable, you can continue checking as long as needed, or add new steps to the process like for instance, you can decide to scale it to a helpdesk, opening a ticket via API in one simple step.