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How to follow up and follow through after a satisfaction poll
How to make NPS Customer Satisfaction Surveys and most importantly how to follow up after
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How to follow up and follow through after a satisfaction poll

Getting a customer to answer a survey can be challenging, especially when it comes to filling-in multiple options and writing content. However, it is possible to conduct effective surveys via email or SMS making the question easy to respond to for the customer: it is only one click and that’s it. This helps inviting the customer to participate.

You’ll also want to make sure that the survey responses aren’t anonymous because you’ll need to be able to identify your customers in order to contact them; and This is totally possible with DANAconnect.

So depending on the link the customer chooses, a next action can be automatically scheduled days later, which is related to the first response. 

In our example, we have clearly classified our customers into 3 types as in the Net Promoter Score methodology:

  1. Promoters
  2. Passives
  3. Detractors


Promoters are those that voted 10 and 9

You have your best sales force there. After you identify them you can send them instructions on how to refer friends and family by email and you can even be really specific, acknowledging certain details your customers mentioned in their responses.


Then you have your Passives, who are the ones that marked 8 and 7

For Passives, you can decide to send a promotion, a discount or a loyalty program special, but mostly what passives need is more education about your product. Just like we do in our nurturing long term automation. 


And last, you have the Detractors, which refers to those who marked between 6 and 0.

This type of customer needs to regain trust. and for doing so, you must follow-up and follow-through in a timely manner. By asking the right questions at the right time and actually following-through, you can resolve issues before they go to social media and become a stain on your overall brand. 

Did you know that 95% of customers will give you a second chance if you handle their complaint successfully?


For follow- up

You can start the conversation by asking more details about what they didn’t like from the service with a simple or multiple selection webform. It could be something like “What would move you just one point higher?”  

By following-through you are taking the opportunity to address their problem and show that you care

You can send them a message to let them know that you are on their side, acknowledging the problem and apologizing for the specific issue marked in the follow up questionnaire… In the immediate future you can send them more information about their issue, the steps to resolve it and let them know who they can contact for having their issue resolved. 

It is actually easy to segment after you assign points if you are using the net promoter score methodology.

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