Let the customer make an electronic signage of the form and accept conditions

How to include the Terms and Conditions section plus the user’s electronic signature.

We can add a terms and conditions section as well as the electronic signature on your web form using this same example. From the form editor, we want to add a new field called ¨Section Break¨ and drag it to our form. Once included, click on it so we can edit its properties.

Edit the title according to your needs. In the ¨Guidelines for User¨ section is where you will paste all your text and as it can be quite long and take up a lot of your page, be sure to activate the option to “enable scroll bar”. 

Now proceed to add a new ¨Checkboxes¨ field so that your user can accept or not accept your terms and conditions. Do not put a title as this field would be a visual extension of the text you previously added.  Now proceed to add a new field. This time it will be ¨Electronic signature¨. Give a title (text) if appropriate and Save your form.