Considerations for using preloaded data functionality

Add the preload code inside your form

Data preloading allows forms to already have data preloaded, extracted from the same record in the database that you want to update with those forms. In this way, the end-user can simply confirm the information, add new or complete the information that has already been preloaded.

It is very useful for preloading contact list data for display in read-only fields and also for preloading contact list data for updating in editable input fields. It can be combined with the functionality of comparing fields to validate that the data entered by the user is the same as a field whose information comes from the database.

The first step is to locate the database that contains the fields to be preloaded. It will be the same database for the activation of the conversation.

Select the form field that you want to preload and set a label type variable as the default value, eg $ d {EMAILLISTWF_PHONE}. How to get this code is explained in another video in this tutorial. This code must contain the full code name of the database field to be used for activation. Mark in the editor as read-only or also as an editable field so that the end-user can update the information.