Asking your customer to input their data via SMS of email

We send web forms from an email or SMS to update the contact list

In our example (video) we ask the customer for a data update in a form. The next step is to update your contact list and for this, you must locate it in the Inbound menu. It should be the same list of contacts that you have set up in your conversation.

The next step is to activate the external trigger field and then perform the mapping where you want to match the fields that you have just configured in your form with the fields of your contact list. If you see a name split in the Name field, it is because the system gives you the option of placing first and last names in separate fields or in both in one field. Only do mapping as it suits you best.

Locate and copy the automatically generated URL code and paste it into your conversation. Open your email node and your template editor (asking for data update). Enter the URL code by double clicking on the call to action link and paste under the URL option. Verify that the protocol is https to avoid security problems.

Repeat the same procedure for the SMS node and readjust the custom text that you include in that text message.