General recommendations to have in mind while in the Editor

How to optimize your experience while using the Editor

  • Chrome is the optimal browser to use the DanaConnect platform
  • Always leave the cell and table outline On so that the borders can be displayed
  • If you make a mistake, remember that you can use these shortcuts just like in any application:
    ⌘ + Z – Undo
    ⌘ + ⇧ + Z – Redo
  • In the top bar at the top right, you can find the buttons for undo and redo
  • By default, all blocks are made with responsive design in mind, so most of them automatically adapt to screen size change, but as it also allows a high level of design customization, some are still required. manual changes for each type of device. So, remember to check your design frequently and put the images in suitable sizes and we recommend using percentages so that they fit more easily in the cell. In the top bar at the top left, you can find the buttons to select the view for each device: desktop, tablet, and mobile