Aligning content within a Section Block

Aligning content depending on your corporate style

To align the contents it is necessary to apply the configuration to the cell that contains said content, a text or an image.  Beware that aligning an image is slightly different than aligning a text.

In the case of horizontal alignment, for texts, it is necessary to click on the border of the cell that contains that text and from there go to the right-side panel/menu to configure the alignment in the Typography section: right, centered, or left. Right here, having the cell selected, it is possible to align the text vertically within said cell.

Likewise, to align an image it is necessary to select the outer cell. Go to the right-side panel, click on Typography and center, both horizontally and vertically.

To center a table, which are the parent containers of all the other elements, you must set the right and left margins to Auto.