What are Company Code and Username??

Your IDCompany and User Name will be required to enter the platform

Add a sender to my senders list?

👨💻 To start sending emails, you have to have a senders list with the email address authorized to send emails on behalf of your company. This is not needed to start sending SMS.

Create or Import a Basic Contact List?

📝 To start sending emails and/or SMS from your conversations, first you have to have a contact list with at least the email and/or phone numbers of the people you want to contact.

Configure the SPF for your domain?

⚙ Before sending emails from DANAConnect, SPF configuration is required to authorize DANAConnect's servers to send emails on behalf of your company's domain name.

Start sending messages?

​​📨 You can start by sending either emails or text messages... or both

What if you forget your password?

Sending your first email to a contact list

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How to add dynamic content to an email

Video Transcription:

I’ll show you how to send an email for the first time.

In your home screen, 30 applications and click on conversation manager. Once there, you’re going to make a new conversation And you have several options. We’re going to click empty right now. And we’re going to select the contact list a bit later. Let’s name this, and create it.

 This is your node. Now we’re going to make it an email. So from the menu, click on email and we have to edit the content. So on the bottom left, we’re going to click and a popup window will show up.

You can name your step, Okay? Whatever you like.

From is the sender, your name or the company name that you prefer make a subject.

I think the content you can actually type it manually. You can learn also how to insert some dynamic content in an article that we have a link below.

You can choose from a template that we already have predetermined. Let’s go with this one and select it right there. Or are you going to actually copy paste your HTML right here? And the code will appear now from the sender, you have a list. This list is already pre-determined by you. And you can edit this list also, um, in an article that we have a link below for my purposes, I’m going to pick the marketing. I would like to verify this email for the first time. So I’m going to click in this envelope icon. It’s going to ask you for the recipient and you’ll receive a verification email, just click on it. And it will take you back to this window. You’re going to save it Close Once. There you’ll have to go on and activate. Remember we haven’t selected a contact list we’re going to do so now. So you will select, um, from your menus, select your list, obviously, because you’re going to be pretty much different for you. For the video purposes. I’m using this example, the mapping will begin, and if there was a mistake, it will appear right here. You have this arrow to actually match the ones that will not be mapped correctly. Once done select your activation date of you have a dropdown window that you can pick different days of the week. Different times. I’m going to go with immediate sending ones here, just like activate and you’re done.