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  • Last Update 18 June 2021

About Course

This series of videos will show you in only 10 minutes how to make the most basic configurations needed for getting started with the DANAConnect platform.


If you are here it probably means you have a new account with us, so… Welcome to DANAConnect!

The first step is the configuration of your SPF or Sender Policy Framework. It may sound complicated because it may be a term you don’t know, but it is actually fairly simple, and it is essential, so your email doesn’t go to the spam folder.

The second step is quite straightforward. In that video, we will show you how to set up your sender email address.

In third place, to start sending emails or SMS for your automations, you have to have a contact list with at least the email or phone numbers of the people you want to contact.

At last, we will show you how to start sending emails and SMS. Then, you will be ready to go to the next level: automating the communications with your customers.

Topics for this course

11 Lessons

Loging in for the first time

What are Company Code and Username??

Your IDCompany and User Name will be required to enter the platform

What are the main modules of the platform

Add a sender to my senders list?

👨💻 To start sending emails, you have to have a senders list with the email address authorized to send emails on behalf of your company. This is not needed to start sending SMS.

Create or Import a Basic Contact List?

📝 To start sending emails and/or SMS from your conversations, first you have to have a contact list with at least the email and/or phone numbers of the people you want to contact.

Configure the SPF for your domain?

⚙ Before sending emails from DANAConnect, SPF configuration is required to authorize DANAConnect's servers to send emails on behalf of your company's domain name.

Start sending messages?

​​📨 You can start by sending either emails or text messages... or both

What if you forget your password?

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  • You need a DANAConnect account. If you don't have one enter here and create an account.

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