Verify Email Items and structure

We can identify and categorize each element that is present in the Email

In this video, you will learn to verify the variable elements that are part of an email. When we work on the content of an email, we are surely adding a lot of tags and links. It is possible that on several occasions we do not really understand what type of tags they are, their names, how the links are made, and in the case of a landing page, we might not know how to edit it, etc. 

DANAConnect allows you to view all of these items through the bar on the far right of the screen called Mail Items. To view the content or items, display that small menu and the first thing that is presented to us are the Links. We can see listed all of the links that are part of the body of the email.  For example, the Logo has a particular link, in the word: Here, you can see by the icon on its left, that it is a Landing Page and that it can be edited by pressing the pencil button. And like these, we see the rest of the links listed.

Inside this same menu, you can see the different Tags as well, such as the Title and Name of the client. If you want to add a new tag, you can do so, and once added, you will see it immediately in the item bar.

The third and last segment of the Items bar is the Event Update. Here you can see what has been saved in each of those tags. For example, text or date (in the case of dates).

With this functionality, you are allowed to see how an email is composed in terms of labels and in terms of links.