Sending a test email to a single contact

Sending a test email to a single contact

In this video, you are going to learn how to use the functionality of sending an email to a contact.

Sending to only one contact allows us to verify if the design, format, and information of the Email travels to the recipient intact.

Many times you will want to know how this email is seen (visually) by the different email browsers. In order to test and ensure that the design, content and development of that email that you created arrives at its destination intact, we are going to use the functionality of Send To a Contact. This functionality will allow us to carry out tests prior to the final sending, thus we guarantee that everything that is sent will be received by the recipient correctly.

In our example, we will do a test with the email that we have created here.

Inside the body of the email, we have a Label called MAIL TITLE and another called NAME. We created these labels so that you can see what DANAConnect is going to request when sending to the contact. This email will be sent by clicking the SEND CONTACT button located in the central part of the screen. By clicking there DANAConnect will first inform us that we must save/save all the changes that we have made so far. Once this is done, it will show me a window where it asks me for the necessary information in order to send the email and to be able to complete all the variables or labels that are part of the email content as well – in this case, the MAIL TITLE and the NAME of the recipient.

We complete the fields and the test email is sent immediately.

By submitting it to yourself, you can verify content information such as the layout and style of the message.  We can see the end product by clicking on the preview button. Remember that once you have a contact list associated, your landing page will be personalized.