Landing pages

We use Landing Page to respond to the client once he has attended an action that we have requested.

A landing page is a resource that DANAConnect provides to be able to respond to an action that we request from the client and this action does not have a portal or a social network or some kind of way to give a response to the Client for this action that we are requesting.

The first step in creating a Landing Page is to enter the email in edit mode. For the purpose of this example, we already have a template and in (this) text we ask the customer a question …we ask if they liked the service, click here.

In the word “here” we are going to place a link for the landing page. To do this, we select this word and go to click on the LANDING PAGE button found in the central toolbar.

Once a pop-up window opens, proceed to complete the information- 

  • Text to display: HERE
  • Main Title and message.

Take note, in the message you can place Labels if you wish and see that by default at the top it is selected that your landing page will be by TEXT, but there is the option to do it by IMAGE as well.

Now you can change the format or style in the toolbar and SAVE.