Inserting Special Dynamic Labels

Inserting Special Dynamic Labels

We start by editing the email node and we see the content within the body of the email.  We have a table that has been created with special text highlighted in red (for our example viewing purposes).  We have named our text as Special label #1, Special Label #2, and Special Label #3.   We used these names because there are three types of special labels –

  • the special alternative view tag
  • the special label to unsubscribe, and
  • the special Date formatting tag

These special labels or tags are located on the button that carries the same name in the central toolbar of your screen.

The first step is to select the text LABEL # 1 which refers to the Alternate View. This tag will allow us to open the email and view the content in a mail browser if we cannot download the images. To incorporate this tag we are going to complete this sentence that says: if you cannot see this email or its content click here. The word “here” is where we are going to place the Special Command to see the alternate view label. To do this, we select the text (word: here) and click on the tags / alternative view menu. We write the word “here” in the text field of the link and then we click on INSERT so that the link is automatically created there. You can now change the style and format like Font and Size.

We will now do the same with the next tag – to Unsubscribe.  We select the text LABEL #3 and go to the special label button. In the link text field, we can write “unsubscribe”  or “cancel subscription” (it is possible to use a phrase) and the link will be automatically created. This function will allow you to place this Command within the body of the email and place it anywhere in the email.

Finally, if I wanted to place a particular date, I could use the special tag Date format. I will follow the same steps as before only this time I am highlighting LABEL #2 and once in the menu, I have to select the language setting. For example, I am going to select English because it is also how the HTML is formatted to be. 

Note – The knowledge of DANAConnect has all the information you need to understand how to format a date, for example.  In this case, we type “MMMyyy”  in the text field and click to Insert . The result is a different label than the one we have seen since the system takes the date and time from the server at the time of constructing the email so when you receive this communication, the date indicated will be that of the moment you received it.