Attaching a static file to an email

Attaching a static file to an email

You can attach up to 3 files of any type and with a maximum of 5 Mb in each email.

In this video, we are going to learn how to attach a file to an email.

The first step is to double click on the email node that we want to edit and to which we want to attach the file. When the email editing window opens, we see on the right-hand side and next to the title, a button that has a “clip” image. This button is the one that will allow us to attach the file to the email.

Let’s click on this button and a window will appear in which we will select the type of file that we want to attach. By default, the single file option is selected and we will leave it that way because we only have one file to upload. The next step is to click on the upload file button that you see in the upper left part of this window and continue to select the file on our computer. 

In this example, we will select a PDF file called Customer Invoice, and now DANAConnect will proceed to upload the file to its directory. You have the possibility to upload any type of file as long as those files do not weigh more than 5 megabytes. Once the file is uploaded, we select it (we click the select button) and the file is pointed to that email node. You can also upload up to 3 files by email. These files can be of different types of extension – for example, PDF, Word, Docs, PPT, etc … as long as those files do not weigh more than 5 megabytes.

Now that your file is attached to the email, you can send your communication as you have done before on other occasions.