Adding Images to an email

Adding Images to your content

To learn how to load images we are going to enter the email node first.  In this example, we already have a half-finished template. We are going to place the cursor in the space where we want to place our image. Then we click on the IMAGE button on our toolbar.

A window called image properties will open for me. Once this window is open, we observe that no published information appears, so I must now search in the SERVER button for the image I need within DanaConnect. These are previously uploaded images. Choose your image and double click to make it appear in the previous window. You can see now that information corresponding to the image such as height and width and the Url address of said image appear in the appropriate boxes.  ACCEPT and you will be able to see it in the body of the email. In case you do not have the pre-loaded image, inside the window to locate the image in the SERVER, click on the top left on ADD to upload your image from your computer.

To add images to your text messages, we follow the same steps.

I open the SMS node and go to the rich text tag. Once there, I locate the place where I want to place the image (for the purposes of this video I am going to select the first line) and I will do the same as for emails. By ACCEPTING, the image is ready to be sent with the message.

Save and close.

NOTE: it is very important that the images that you are going to upload have the final size settings that you wish to use within the communication since this will guarantee that when those emails or communications arrive at their destination, the images will be seen nicely and there will not be a resizing by the browser either because it does not recognize the resizing that you have done on the platform or because of resizing that you have done from the Html.