Adapting dynamic templates from the Template Editor to your brand

Adapting dynamic templates from the Template Editor to your brand

It is easy to learn how to import a template from the template editor. We are going to work with a template that we have previously created in the template editor and that DANAConnect has ready for you.

Let’s say you have started to create your conversation and have started your email node configuration but you want to use a template that is ready to use in the Editor. The first step is to go from the home window and click on the Template Editor app.  Look for the New Email Template button and click.  It is right here where you have all the options available and they are categorized by product and by process as well as a selection of language English or Spanish.  I will look for the category “General” and then “Marketing” to narrow down my choices, and now here I have my pre-configured templates.  Since my email is about a  satisfaction poll,  I seek the right one and immediately select it.  The next step is to name and personalize it.  I choose Satisfaction Poll EXAMPLE (as it refers to my conversation) as the name. I also select from the brand manager, the company brand/logo for this template and proceed to create it.  A new screen comes up with your newly adapted template.  Since you are still inside the Editor, you can make another change to the body or go ahead and Send it to the Conversation Manager by clicking on the green button.  By performing this action, it means that now you and your colleagues can find this template in the editor and use it in any other email.   

To locate/place this new template in the Editor, select the “category” where it will be saved and give it a name.  Save by clicking in “send to conversation”. 

Now let’s return to our conversation manager and open the email node.  Remember,  I was working on it right before.  The next step is to insert our newly created template. Look for the template button in the central toolbar and “select template”.  Once here, you will see all the options presented. Since we saved ours under the category “General”, that is exactly where I will find it. Double click on it and it automatically appears in the body of the email.

You can keep it and use it the way it is is or continue editing your template if you like.  For example, let’s say you don’t want to include all the social media handles so you can take them away by deleting them and then saving this new version again under a different name. No problem you just always click on the ”Template” button again and now instead of “selecting a template”, you will “save” it as a new template.   Remember always to use names that refer to your conversation and place it under the appropriate category for easy find later on.