3 Kinds of special dynamic labels

3 Kinds of special dynamic labels 

We will learn to create labels within the body of the email which will allow us to personalize our communications. To do this, we will click on our email node as if we were going to edit it and look for the Labels button. Once there, we see that we are presented with 4 options in the submenu: New Label, Used Labels, Common Labels, and one that is already there by default called the Email label.

For our purposes, we are going to create a New Label, so we must give it a name  – for example, “full_name”. It is important to note that the labels cannot have white spaces or special characters.

Immediately below we see that we have the Types of labels. There are 3 options: Alphanumeric (which accepts letters and numbers), the Numeric type (which only accepts numbers), and the Date type (as the name implies, it is for dates and times).

Once the label is created, the style such as font type and colors can be modified. As well as copy and paste it in the title of the email if necessary. Follow along with our example.

These tags are filled with the data from each contact once we activate. In the mapping window, after we click on the activate button we can see on the right our tags and on the left the data from the contact list. Just match one with the other and all the tags you put in your emails will be filled with the customer information.