Using the email node prompt for adding and editing email content

  • Categories Tutorials
  • Duration 49m
  • Last Update 19 July 2021


In this course, you will learn to perform various actions within the Email node inside the Conversation Manager that will allow you to personalize your emails, add images, links, and landing pages. You can also include emojis that will give more personality to your communication and other functionalities that will be very useful when creating an email.

In addition, we have a video where we show you how to carry out your first email automation within DANAConnect.

What Will I Learn?

  • Import an HTML in the mail editor
  • Perform AntiSpam validation
  • Create a date filter for a flow
  • Create your first automation
  • Know and configure the Special Dynamic Labels
  • Use Emojis within emails
  • Create and include tags within the body and title of the email
  • Attach files to an email
  • Include links within emails
  • Upload images and add them to the email

Material Includes

  • Video Tutorials


Target Audience

  • DANAConnect's users
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